Extended Warranty

Touchscreen: 5 years for SAW, 3 years for P-CAP, 1.5 years for Infrared

Touchmonitor: 3 years

Touchcomputer: 1-- 3  years


1. Above warranty period takes the shipping date of PCT Touch products as the starting date.

2. Customized products, free samples or special priced products are not eligible for Warranty Replacement.

CCEST is under NO obligation to provide support for following situations:

1.Unauthorized disassembling repair or modification of the products.

2.Physical damage(including but not limited to damages of communication cable on the touch panel, damages of transducers, controllers out of shape, depressed or cracked).

3.Any defects caused by abuse, misuse, improper operating of the products.

4.Any defects caused by improper storage or unsuitable working environment (including but not limited to rust resulting from environmental humidification or any damages resulting from excessive working voltage etc.).