As information display or signal control devices, digital displays play an extremely important role in traffic and public transportation. Of course, this application requires very high display quality. Therefore, based on professional display design and related engineering experience, CCEST has provided tens of thousands of large and medium-sized displays to customers all over the world over the years, and these display units have been providing people with 24/7/365 service for many years.

In the field of transportation display applications, CCEST provides customers with focused specifications that include at least the following engineering highlights:

    ●  15" to 55" display size

    ●  HD displys with resolutions up to 4K

    ●  450 to 4500 brightness

    ●  Clear visualization in sunlight

    ●  24 hour/365 day long term design for uninterrupted operation

    ●  Wide operating temperature design from very low to very high ambient temperature conditions

    ●  Provides direct backlight design when necessary

    ●  Backlight life up to 100,000 hours

    ●  Water and dirt resistant touch design

    ●  Automatically adjustable brightness control system

    ●  Mechanical design to withstand various weather conditions

    ●  System design to resist strong external impacts

    ●  Corrosion-resistant design to withstand harsh environmental conditions

    ●  Customized control system with remote monitoring

    ●  Customized automatic system feedbac

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