Outdoor Application


The colorful LCD with rich color performance is good to replace various traditional display functions, also for its high resolution and digital/multi layers to display well information. At present, there are many kinds of outdoor display applications, all kinds of outdoor digital display projects boomed in different field that engineers are working on. Some of major outdoor LCD applications include:

    ●  Outdoor human-machine interface

    ●  Multi functional service station, guide system

    ●  Car charging system

    ●  Toll machine

    ●  Outdoor Advertising

    ●  Public message boards or signs

Because the outdoor environmental conditions are really critical for electronic devices, such like TFT LCD and related parts especially relatively strict. So the LCD placed outdoors must meet the following characteristics:

-- Sunlight readable. It must be the first point to meet, the characteristics of visibility under sunlight, it means high brightness or the best optical design to ensure the display content readability is the most critical issue in display design.

-- High reliability. Of course, there are 24 hours during a day, so the system must be stable and reliable without shutting down for a long time.

-- Wide operation temperature range. Thermal shock must be able to overcome the temperature changes throughout the year, day and night.

-- Operated under all weather conditions. this is an additional necessary point, the system design must to consider sunny, rainy sonw and various weather conditions.

-- Environment impact protection. Earthquake or electric shock, even unpredictable external impact damage and other factors.

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