Military & Special Display


All kinds of special display requirements, including military displays, are classified into the same category generally. They have common characteristics, such like special specifications, strict quality requirements, and long-term supply. Typical applications in this field such as 3D displays, ultra-high brightness displays for projection, or as parallel image transfer, or ultra-narrow viewing angle displays, etc. Of course, there are also have applications like special vehicles, military NVIS or special spectral displays, etc.

Based on more than 20 years of rich experience in professional optical design and related system integration, CCEST assists global customers to develop exclusive display products for various unique applications.

For this particular display application, CCEST provides specification highlights, at least including:

    ●  No limit to display size

    ●  Fully customized brightness or driving conditions with backlight

    ●  Various surface treatments and laminations

    ●  Touch integration with special specifications

    ●  Special design for anti-electromagnetic interference

    ●  Customized backlight spectrum

    ●  Customized institutional design

    ●  Material selection and integration for specific specifications

    ●  Ultra-wide or ultra-narrow viewing angle design

    ●  System control board design for specific specifications

    ●  Display design according to MIL3009 standard

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