Medical & Healthcare


Medical display is a very rigorous display-related application. Generally speaking, it involves strict industry standards --- including key specifications such as display color and uniformity performance, as well as the safety and antibacterial materials. It also includes conditions such as industry standards for electromagnetic compatibility (EMI/EMC). The relevant specification issues must be fully considered during system design.

CCEST's many years of experience working with global partners, has complete experience in the field of displays for medical applications, relevant engineering focus, including:

    ●  7" to 32" medical application display          

    ●  The highest resolution supports 4K   

    ●  Display color performance correction

    ●  Display uniformity design

    ●  Design of different display specifications for stationary or mobile medical applications

    ●  Corresponding to the signal input specifications for different computer systems

    ●  Easy to clean touch protection glass material

    ●  Surface anti-fingerprint, anti-dirt, antibacterial treatment

    ●  Touch sensitivity design, including multi-layer medical grade gloves can be used

    ●  Design of medical grade institutions

    ●  Different specification definitions for different levels of display systems such as medical instruments or hospital bed equipment

    ●  Relevant level certification

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