Industrial application


For easier integration and great viewing performance, TFT LCD displays are widely used in general industrial fields, some industrial LCD typical applications including:

    ●  Interface of self-service machines, such as ticket machines, vending machines or others

    ●  Control interface of general machines--Interface of all kind of production line

    ●  Control interface on the platform, etc.

    ●  Instrument display

Because these display devices could be installed in a variety of places and work under different environmental conditions for 24hrs/7days non stop, it is very important for the design engineer to check all related system points then select a suitable display.

For there has quite wide range of LCD applications in industrial fields, so it's also really not easy to check correct or suitable characters. To base on the perspective of specifications, generally the following spec characteristics must be met in general industrial applications:-- Long time operation : For industrial LCD could be operated automatically generally, so it can be operated without shutting down for a long time:

-- Wide operation temperature range

-- High reliability or maintenance free

-- Long term support

-- Long product life span

-- Flexible interface, can correspond to different computer or signal system

-- Special design for specific conditions, such as long-term high temperature environment, explosion-proof, protection anti-high voltage or lightning strike protection, etc.

Industrial display solutions related products:

From 5.7-inch QVGA to 24-inch FHD resolutions, CCEST provides complete product range for general industrial applications. Also to follow different use, to seperate different resolution, RGB/EDP/LVDS/MIPI etc. diffierent signal interface, also related to VGA/DVI/DP oe other input signal formats. Meanwhile, as well as to provide complete brightness range from 250 to 3000nits, and to design temperature range from -50 to 85C operation.

Of course, in order to follow your system design plan, CCEST also provides related design corresponding to touch kits, control kits or mechanical design solutions.

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