Gaming & Entertainment


Gaming applications often require innovative specifications in order to quickly attract attention, which is a major feature of this type of application. As an application field that seeks innovation and changes always, gaming-related display applications are CCEST's long-term focus. For example, various shapes, special aspect ratios, curvatures (concave or convex), innovative recognition and touch technologies, and even displays with special manufacturing techniques are often applied as important design specifications.

In response to the needs of global partners, CCEST provides specifications in the gaming display application area, including follow key points at least:

    ●  10" to 50" display size

    ●  350-1000nits different display brightness design

    ●  Fast response speed, and accurate color performance

    ●  Wide viewing angle

    ●  Standard or special resolution or format

    ●  Capacitive touch screen design and integration

    ●  Protective glass that can withstand external impact

    ●  Precise and excellent tactile touch response

    ●  Customized chassis or cabin design that can be matched with the system conditions

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