Financial & Banking


Bank branches are the forecourt of modern banking. Realizing that branches are the prime customer  touch points, banks all around the world are augmenting their use of digital signage for in-branch  branding, customer promotions, reducing   perceived waiting times, and uplifting ambiance. It is designed to realize fixed interactive operations with the assistance of machine functions to produce clear and understandable feedback to make life easier.

In general, Custom Financial &  Banking project solution,support Wall-mounted installation,Embedded installation.

Based on Financial & Banking Kiosks and Vendingapplications, CCEST corresponds related solutions including the following key points:

    ●  4.3" to 24" monitor

    ●  Resolution support up to FHD (1920*1080)

    ●  250 to 3000nit Display brightness

    ●  Resistance and capacitive touch screen integration

    ●  IK7~10 grade protective glass with customized design

    ●  AG/AR/AF or other surface treatment and special treatment of protective glass

    ●  Control system corresponding to various installation environments

    ●  Computer system

    ●  Cabin or chassis design and related materials surface treatment

    ●  System integration, certification and related spec document control

    ●  Parts control for long-term support

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